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Fairmeadow Elementary Updates 9.24.2021

Greetings Fairmeadow Community!

September 21st was the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival also known as Mooncake Festival and is widely celebrated in many Asian countries (China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and South Korea). As our summer season comes to an end and we welcome fall, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind us all of our healthy attendance goal. If your child is healthy, then we absolutely want your child in school. After all, optimal learning takes place within the classroom with your child's teacher. I would also like to remind you the importance of keeping an open and honest line of communication with our front office staff and classroom teacher especially when it comes to your child being absent or feeling ill. Please review PAUSD's "Responding to COVID-19 website, more specifically the section of "What happens if a student becomes ill at school?" which can be found here. Another helpful link would be the "Health Services" section of our district's website, which can be found here.

Here are some updates for this week:

Staff Development Day- Friday, October 1st is no school for students as teachers and staff have a staff development day. School resumes on Monday, October 4th.

PiE- Partners in Education and Fairmeadow need your help! We are in need of a parent volunteer to serve as our PiE Rep. The amount of time our volunteers spend is very manageable. There is a volunteer training session in mid-October (1 hour over Zoom) and our important Rally Days campaign in November. We lead our volunteers through every step and provide all the tools and information they will need. Is there anyone who would be willing to help out? Please email me ASAP if you are interested and can help out.

Afterschool Programs at FM- I am excited to share with you an updated list of after-school activities/programs available at our site. For the list you can click here.

Mindfulness/Wellness- Student and staff mental health is a major priority in the 2021-2022 school year and with good reason. Since the pandemic began, children and adolescents have reported higher rates of anxiety, depression, and stress, and even more specific issues such as addictive internet behaviors (EdWeek, 2021). Students from all backgrounds reported experiencing higher rates of stress and anxiety. The report also revealed that 77% of Black and Latinx students reported more struggles, at least 9% points higher than the percentage of white or Asian students who said the same. Low-income and LGBTQ students were also significantly more likely to report experiencing more problems in the wake of the pandemic. In anticipation of these increased needs in PAUSD, we are doing all we can to strengthen health promotion, prevention, and interventions even as we deal with a shortage in mental health providers in PAUSD and community-wide.

To that end, we are proud to announce a pending partnership with the Stanford Parenting Center, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This partnership will allow us to bring more opportunities to our families by linking them to high-quality parent education and access to available supports from Stanford. Please see the attached flyer for more information on an upcoming parent/staff workshop.

I'd also like to share a bitmoji Wellness virtual classroom with you, click here.This virtual "classroom" was designed to be a resource for our elementary students (and parents) to utilize for wellness and mindful strategies and activities.

Unity Day- This year marks the 9th anniversary of PAUSD's Districtwide participation in Unity Day. While this event has typically been associated primarily with Bullying Prevention, its broader goal is to accomplish that by promoting kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. We continue to partner with PTAC, site PTSAs, and CAC to make this day an impactful event for students. Unity Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20, and additional information about school-specific activities will be shared in the upcoming weeks.

Konstella- We would strongly encourage you to sign-up on Konstella. In doing so, you will connect with the rest of the students and families in your classroom, you will receive messages about class events and important PTA announcements. To sign up, please see my Parent Square message and/or visit the PTA website (click here) for instructions.

That's all for this week. At dinner tonight, you can ask your child(ren) about our whole-school assembly this morning!

Take care,
Iris Wong, Fairmeadow Principal