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Fairmeadow Updates 1.28.21

January 28, 2021

Dear Fairmeadow Community,

Hi there! I apologize for sending you my weekly Wednesday communication to you on a Thursday, but I figured since I shared an important notification yesterday, I didn't want to flood your inbox. Here are some exciting updates and important reminders below for your review.

Second Harvest Fundraiser- Each year, Fairmeadow participates in community service projects, including a canned food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank. This year, we are proud to continue our tradition and support Second Harvest through this digital platform instead of asking for physical canned foods. During these uncertain times, we hope you join us to help respond to a record level of local food insecurity. Together, we can ensure that the 500,000 people relying on the food bank every month continue to receive the groceries they need. Your gift of any amount provides a nutritious mix of fresh produce, protein and pantry items so that local families can enjoy delicious, comforting meals together. Every $1 provides enough food for 2 meals. We hope you will join us by donating today! Thank you to one of our amazing teachers, Mrs. Van, for helping to organize this for our community. The fundraiser is now active and will be live until 2/28. Here's the link to the page:

Acer Devices- As mentioned in last week's updates, Fairmeadow received Acer laptops (model/specs Acer 512 Spin) for all 2nd through 5th grade Fairmeadow students. These Acer laptops include a touchscreen, keyboard, and stylus! I've started distributing devices to some of our hybrid classrooms and will continue to do so in the next few days/weeks. For all hybrid families who borrowed a PAUSD device, please have your child bring their device and charger to school (if they haven't already done so) on their cohort days. We will be swapping out the "old" PAUSD devices for the "new" Acer laptops. For distance learning families, I am working with your teacher to distribute Acer laptops when your class has their materials pick up (dates vary by teacher). For distance learners, when it is time to come for your child's material pick up, please bring your child's "old" device and charger so we can swap it out for a "new" Acer device. All 2nd-5th grade Fairmeadow students will be assigned an Acer laptop throughout their enrollment in PAUSD, and the device will follow students for the next few years. So please help us to review with your child how to take care of the device so it can last for years to come. I hope to send out a "how to" video to you all shortly.

Computer/Technology Safety Reminder- Speaking of technology devices, this would be an appropriate time to remind all parents/guardians about student use of technology. Our school staff (principal, classroom teacher, librarian, etc.) has reviewed technology safety guidelines at the beginning of the school year and all parents/guardians completed the "Student Use of Technology Agreement." If you could take a moment to remind/review with your child(ren) about the importance of appropriate technology use of computer applications, internet, and other technology tools that would help to ensure safe use of technology for our Firebirds. This includes being aware of what content your child is accessing online and through school applications.

Attendance- As I am sure you know, in order for our students to receive the best education, the student needs to be present at school (via hybrid or distance learning). Attendance is taken daily; distance learners multiple times throughout the day. It is imperative parents/guardians inform our front office and your child's teacher regarding absences or tardies. The attendance email is This is the best way for a parent/guardian to report an absence or a tardy for both distance and hybrid students. The office phone is 650.856.0845. Voicemails left on this phone number will be forwarded to the Fairmeadow front office staff.

Assemblies- Thanks to our amazing librarian, Mrs. Brown, I am excited to share we have another author visit for grades K-2! Her name is Joanna Ho, who is from the Bay Area. She just got on the New York Time's Bestselling Children's Book List for her newest book, Eyes That Kiss in the Corners. It's a beautiful story of a little girl who notices her eyes are different from many people around her, but they are just like her mama's. Here is more information about Joanna Ho:

Travel Quarantine-Positive cases of COVID-19 are still prevalent in the Bay Area and across the country. In general, all travel is strongly discouraged, especially for non-essential purposes like leisure trips or for non-essential business, and should be postponed as long as possible. Traveling to see family and friends increases the chances of bringing COVID-19 to them and to yourself. If you must travel outside our county, under the Mandatory Directive on Travel, almost everyone who travels into Santa Clara County (directly or through another stopover point) from more than 150 miles away must quarantine for 10 days. Please go to for quarantine instructions. For more information on other exemptions, please see the TravelSection in the Public Health Order FAQ page, as well as the Mandatory Directive on Travel.

Current 5th Grade Families- We are preparing our 5th graders to enter the wonderful world of middle school. A letter was attached in an email from the Middle School Administrators dated Monday, January 25, 2021 containing information and an overview of the activities which will take place in the next few months as your 5th grader begins their transition to middle school. If you have questions, please contact your middle school for more information. (Contact names are included in the letter.)

PiE- Parent and community support are the primary sources of donations to PiE. Because of contributions to PiE, our schools have counseling programs and instruction in art and music at every grade level. PiE funds classroom aides in every elementary classroom and electives teachers in each secondary school, as well as other staff members who interact with every student, whether class is online, in-person or both. This year, donations are coming in slower than usual and if the necessary funds aren't raised, classroom staffing levels will be affected next year. Donations to our schools is vital-it's the only way to continue providing our students the educational enrichment and social-emotional support they need. Because of donations to PiE, our schools have counseling programs and student support at every grade level. PiE donations are needed to provide the staff members who interact with every student. Your financial support is vital to our schools. Please join us by giving today at If you donate by February 1st, your gift may be doubled through our bonus Challenge Grant! Thanks to a special group of donors we can offer a match up to a total of $40,000. Every dollar makes a difference. They all add up! Click here: Donate Now. We truly appreciate your generosity and thank you for your commitment to our schools.

PTA Members Meeting- If you are interested in joining our Fairmeadow PTA group, there's still time! We have about 70 members thus far and would love more members to be a part of an active group that helps generate ideas of how to support our students and community! Please email: for more information on how to join and be able to attend our PTA meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd!

Thank you so much for your continued supports and teamwork. Let's continue taking it one day at a time, and before we know it, June 2021 will be here!

Be well,

Iris Wong, Fairmeadow Principal