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Fairmeadow Updates 3.10.21

Hello Fairmeadow Community!

Here are some updates for this week. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Daylight Savings- Sunday, March 14th, don't forget to set all of your clocks one hour forward (Spring forward).

No School- Monday, March 15th, as we observe a local holiday in our district.

Safe Routes to School- Last week we had our pedestrian safety presentations in K-2 classes. Thank you to Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program from the City of Palo Alto for making this presentation possible for our students. This year's Safe Routes to School K-2 pedestrian educational programming reflects Dr. Austin's 9/11/2020 parent e-News update that "This year's [SRTS] program will continue on schedule with modifications to support distance learning and safe social distancing guidelines." SRTS has been working across the district to initiate these modifications for optimal integration into limited class time.

In Palo Alto, compulsory bike/safety education is more needed than ever:

  • More than 68 percent of students use active transportation to get to school.
  • Since COVID, bicyclists and pedestrian numbers have continued increasing, while vehicular speeding is on the rise.
  • A recent PAUSD elementary school pedestrian collision occurred during morning arrival time.
  • Most K-2 grade PAUSD students missed the 2020 bike/pedestrian safety programming last spring, due to the school closures.
  • Passenger-based car collisions are the #1 cause of mortality for children, while single-occupant vehicles are the #1 source of greenhouse gas emissions, nationally. Safety education lays the groundwork for helping current and future generations make safer, healthier and greener transportation choices.

The mission of Safe Routes to School is to first reduce risk to students en route to and from school. Providing this information is essential in holding ourselves accountable to supporting the transportation safety expectations of our parent community: That PAUSD students understand the basic rules of the road in order to protect themselves from distracted drivers and other safety concerns.

Author's Visit: We had another district wide virtual Author Visit for all 3rd to 5th grade classes on Friday, March 5th! The author was Stuart Gibbs of the Spy School and Alpha Moon Base series, among others. We hope your child enjoyed it!

Kinder to 2nd grade students also had a Virtual Author Visit featuring author Natasha Yim, today, Wednesday, March 10th.

Here is Natasha Yim's Website if you're interested:

7-Day Equity Challenge- If you haven't had a chance to view the 7-Day Equity Challenge curated by our fabulous PAUSD librarians, please do so! They've pulled together a variety of resources and activities centered around the topic of race and diversity for you to access with your children at home. I've attached the flyer in this email for your access.

Fairmeadow Photo Makeup Day- Please see attached for more information about our picture make-up day scheduled for March 18th.

Counseling Corner-Are you interested in mindfulness for your children but unsure where to start? Fairmeadow's very own CASSY Therapist, Michael Ridgway, has a recorded guided practice for you to try with your children at home! The video can be found here.

Why mindfulness? According to Katherine Weare, Emeritus Professor at the Universities of Exeter and Southampton in the United Kingdom, mindfulness directly impacts a child's cognitive development, performance skills, and executive functioning (2012). Ms. Weare writes, "[Mindfulness] can help young people pay greater attention, be more focused, think in more innovative ways, use existing knowledge more effectively, improve working memory, and enhance planning, problem solving, and reasoning skills". If you are interested in reading more research on the benefits of mindfulness, you can find Ms. Weare's full article here.

Every week we will include a feedback survey so you can share your experience and feedback on the tools we provide. The survey can be found here.

That's a wrap!

Take care,

Iris Wong, Fairmeadow Principal

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