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Fairmeadow Updates 3.3.21

Greetings Fairmeadow Community,

Many of you may have read or watched the news about the increase of violent crimes against Asian-Americans throughout the Bay Area all the way to New York. While the news is troubling, unfortunately it is not new. We are at a place and time where race and equity conversations and movements are at the forefront of our minds (as they should be). There is no one right way to talk about race and racism and change doesn't all happen at once but bit-by-bit. Let's continue to use our voices to talk about and celebrate our similarities and differences. We are all different, and our differences make us special. Continue to find the beauty that is within each and every one of us and speak out from our hearts. Together, we can tackle racism and we can start by talking about it. Our Fairmeadow community and the entire Palo Alto Unified School District continue to strive and work towards dismantling systems of inequality. I am so proud to be a part of this important equity work as we continue to support one another to ensure all students are seen, heard, and valued. I want to share a link to a beautiful 28 minute segment hosted by Amanda Gorman, National Youth Poet Laureate (you may remember her from the Biden Inauguration) PBS special, "Talking to Young Children About Race. I've also attached discussion questions for you to use at home with your children to talk about race, racism, and equality.

National Read Across America Day-Each year, on March 2nd, we honor National Read Across America Day, which is also the birthday of Dr. Seuss. We celebrated this day by reading a variety of diverse literature and letting our students and community know there is a book for every single reader. We continue to find ways of championing diversity each and every day. In addition to the variety of books read aloud by your child's classroom teacher, the PAUSD elementary librarians also created a 7-Day Equity Challenge that our families may participate in at their own leisure. Here is the link to the letter regarding the 7-Day Racial Equity Challenge website, and I've attached it in this email as well. For the direct link to the recommended diverse book list and read alouds, click here. I am also excited to do a reading each Tuesday for this entire month for all of our Fairmeadow students beginning on March 9th at 2:40-3:00 PM. The read aloud link for "Reading with Mrs. Wong" has already been posted on our Fairmeadow Schoology page.

Picture Day- Last Friday, February 26th was our picture day, and it was a success! Even though the wind picked up in the afternoon and we had to adjust our plans, we were able to stick to our schedule. APVisions, LLC, shared that Fairmeadow had the best turnout since August (Go Fairmeadow!). For those who weren't able to come, no worries, there will be a make-up picture day on March 18th. Attached is a flyer for more information. From the photos I've seen thus far, they look beautiful!

Counseling Corner- Our families are balancing a lot right now between hybrid and distance learning for kids and adults navigating their own work demands. Making sure your child exercises can feel like just one more item on the "to-do list". However, exercise is not only good for children's physical health, but also their mental health and cognitive development. The article, How and Why to get Children Moving Now, the American Psychological Associate writes, "On average, young people who exercise more have lower levels of depression, stress and psychological distress, and higher levels of positive self-image, life satisfaction and psychological well-being (Rodriguez-Ayllon, M., et. al., Sports Medicine, Vol. 49, No. 9, 2019). Exercise may also protect children's mental health over time: One study found that 6- to 8-year-olds who got more exercise had fewer symptoms of major depressive disorder two years later (Zahl, T., et. al., Pediatrics, Vol. 139, No. 2, 2017)". But that's not all, exercise is also linked to increased attention, executive functioning skills, and academic performance (APA, 2021).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2021) recommends children and adolescents get at least 60 minutes of activity daily. But don't worry if you're nowhere near that goal. The article offers 7 tips to get you and your family started. You can read those tips here.

Click here for a fun, kid friendly yoga video for your family to do this week!

Every week we will include a feedback survey so you can share your experience and feedback on the tools we provide. The survey can be found here.

Thank you all for your continued partnership in supporting our students and school.

Be well,

Iris Wong, Fairmeadow Principal

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