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Fairmeadow Updates 9.10.21

Greetings Fairmeadow Community,

I hope you all are having a wonderful and beautiful Friday afternoon. Did you know that this is Substitute Teacher's Week? This first full week of September celebrates those who support teachers when a substitute is necessary. Substitute Teacher's Week highlights the crucial role of a substitute teacher, as they are wonderful individuals who are always ready to step in to provide coverage in a classroom throughout the school year. Even though our teachers and staff members in education are all superhero's, we are also human after all, and sometimes need to be absent from work. Thus, Substitute Teachers are relied upon by school administrators, teachers/educational staff, and students. If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher or aide, please reach out to me, and I can direct you to the application process. PAUSD is always looking for qualified, committed, compassionate, and friendly adults looking for a flexible work schedule to support our students and sites!

This week was filled with so many wonderful events for our Firebirds! Please ask your child about Board Games Club, Walking Club, and Garden Club during lunchtime. I am so excited to share that for all of the Clubs that started this week, we had a really great turnout of students participating! Additionally, many of you may already realize that tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I would like to share some links with you below to review if you'd like to have a further discussion with your child at home. I hope you all can turn the tragic 9/11 anniversary into a day of unity and service.

9/11 Resource Links- Please note, I am not endorsing or the author of any of the following links. I am just sharing some resources that I hope you find useful. Please review and use at your own discretion.

Picture Day- On Friday, September 17th, we will have our picture day! If you haven't had a chance to preview the flyer, please do so prior to Friday, September 17th. The pictures will be taken in an outdoor setting with each class scheduled throughout the day.

Principal Coffee- I hope you are able to join me on Monday, September 13th, at 9:00 am via Zoom: for my next Principal's Coffee. We will have a discussion with our school psychologist, Andrea Saxerud, about SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and counseling supports available here at Fairmeadow.

Precidine Testing- Please review the Parent Square message that was sent out earlier this afternoon for an update to the on-site COVID testing.

After School Activities and Care Options- I'd like to remind you to check out our after-school activities and child care options available on our website, click here. Please be mindful that all providers and activities are their own entities and PAUSD/Fairmeadow does not manage any of the companies/activities listed.

Fairmeadow School Pride-We have so much school pride here at Fairmeadow! Each Friday, Firebirds all get an opportunity to show-off their pride by wearing our school color, red. If you haven't already, please check out our PTA website, click here to see what Fairmeadow Spirit items are available!

Cheer! Cheer! For Fairmeadow School!

Have an amazing weekend everyone.

Take care,

Iris Wong, Fairmeadow Principal