Drop-Off/Pick Up Procedures for Automobiles


If you drive to school, there are several safe options for the drop-off.

o    Drop-off in Front of the School:  There is a drop-off zone in the front of the school next to the redtop.  If there are no cars ahead of you, please pull your car up to the white stop line painted on the drive to let your passengers out.  Have students exit the vehicle from the right-hand doors next to the sidewalk—other cars will often pass the vehicles in the drop-off zone so never allow passengers to exit on the left side.  Please have your passengers ready to get out when you stop—we can get a back-up of cars very quickly when the front car takes longer to unload than those cars behind it in line.  Please do not park your car in the front lot in order to walk your child to the office or their classroom during the morning rush (8:15--8:40), these spaces are for staff parking only.  Use the spaces on East Meadow and Mitchell Park if you need to park and come in to the school.

o    Park in Mitchell Park:  A very safe and generally congestion free option is to park your car in the Mitchell Park spaces and walk across the park to enter the campus through the Mitchell Park gate. 

o    Park on East Meadow:  A less attractive option is to park along East Meadow Please do not walk through the school parking lot.  Follow the path in Mitchell Park and enter the school through the Mitchell Park gate.  There is very limited 3-minute parking in front of JLS and west end of Fairmeadow (by Room 1) for those who might want to enter the campus from the end of the school closest to JLS. 


DO NOT use the driveway between Fairmeadow and JLS for drop-off or to turn around.  This driveway is restricted to staff and school bus use only during school hours.  There have been several close calls on this road when drivers ignored the “staff only” signs.  The many walkers crossing this driveway to reach both schools (including small siblings and kindergarteners) make this a dangerous intersection.  Do not enter this driveway.