Pedestrian Safety Tips


  • Choose the safest route and walk it with children.  Look for the most direct route with the fewest street crossings.  Walk the route with children until they demonstrate traffic safety awareness.  They should take the same route every day and avoid shortcuts.
  • Be alert.  Everything else on the road is bigger and moving faster than you are--from skateboards to bicycles to cars.
  • Don’t assume drivers see you! Make eye contact--especially at intersections and driveways.
  • Obey crossing guards or the safety patrol.  They are there to help you cross safely at difficult intersections.
  • Teach children not to enter the street from between cars or from behind bushes or shrubs.  Darting into the street accounts for the majority of child pedestrian fatalities.
  • Teach children to cross the street at a corner or crosswalk.  Make sure children allow plenty of time to cross.  Teach them to walk, not run, across intersections.  Tell children to listen to adult crossing guards or safety patrols at monitored intersections.
  • Teach children to recognize and obey all traffic signals and markings.  A flashing “WALK” sign is not an automatic “go” signal.  It means a pedestrian has permission to cross but must first stop and look both ways for cars.  In addition, teach children to walk within the marked crosswalks.
  • Be predictable.  Do not jump off the curb for a fast start or make a sudden move that places you in the path of oncoming traffic.  Wait for the pedestrian signals.