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Getting to School

Please consider carefully your school commute options. Walking, bicycling, skating, and scootering offer the opportunity to regularly practice safe street skills with your child. It's a healthy habit and children who walk and bike to school are better prepared to learn. The light exercise helps them settle down to work. It's fun to connect with your child and their friends while walking and biking to school.

Hopefully, driving will be your choice of last resort. It pollutes ground water and the air, significantly contributing to carbon emissions. Reducing autos increases the safety of the streets around Fairmeadow -- the more cars, the greater the danger to all of our children. You can make a difference!

Traffic has been identified as one of our top community problems in Palo Alto. Traffic during peak hours is greatly exacerbated by parents driving children to school. If at all possible, please use alternative transportation. Carpooling minimizes the time you have to spend behind the wheel if you really must drive and it reduces traffic on our busy streets.

No matter how your child travels to school, commuting safely is important. As parents, you can help by

  • Helping your child learn how to use the streets safely.
  • Be a good role model.
  • Educate any other driver who may pick up or drop off your child of our traffic safety rules.

Please follow the links to the left to learn more information on how to commute to school safely.

Additional Information

Report all accidents involving students to the Palo Alto Police at 329-2413, even if there are no injuries. Understanding where and how crashes involving school-bound children occur helps the city and school district identify the best ways to make school routes safer. Also contact Fairmeadow office to fill out the PAUSD Incident Report Form.

THANK YOU for helping to keep Fairmeadow students safe!